Our Team


Joshua Turner

Joshua is CEO and founder of ConsultingPress.

Joshua has been in consulting business for over 20 years. After working in large finance agency for five years, Joshua recognized the need for finance consultants and decided to grow his experience in that direction.

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Patrick Murray

Patrick has 15 years of experience in finance consulting with major expertise in stock selecting. Prior to becoming a principal in ConsultingPress, Patrick worked in Avia FInance Ltd governing market analysis. Patrick joined ConsultingPress in 2004.

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Ashley Valdez

Ashley Valdez is market analysis specialist with expertise in stock value movement analysis and predicting future market trends. Ashley has 10 years of experience in finance and stock trading consulting. Ashley joined ConsultingPress in 2009. and since then has been working on market analysis, sector analysis, stock portfolio management and stock selecting.

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Brandon Lucas

Brandon Lucas is specialist in finance consulting, stock portfolio management field. Brandon joined ConsultingPress in 2005. and since then has been working with clients from three different continents. He is finance consulting specialist with wide experience in stock portfolio management.

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